I am currently living at the Tree of Life Assisted Living. There are a number of retired or semi-retired people who live here. It is a very good place to be. I am 83 years old and it is a comfortable home. The food they serve is so homelike. The food is good and the care is very good. There are things such as sewing, coloring, painting or whatever you wish to do. They even have raised garden beds. Anything you want to help with you are more than welcome to pitch in, which makes it seem like home. We are welcome to help with the work, cooking or baking if they need help.

~Current Resident of Tree of Life Assisted Living

It is truly an honor to recommend Tree of Life Assisted Living to other families. Making the step to provide my mom with more care than we could handle in her home setting had to be the hardest thing my family has ever had to do. Having worked in a nursing home and an adult daycare background, I was frightened at what we were going to experience. Both my brother and I did some calling and viewing before we checked on Tree of Life since it wasn’t exactly in an area we were familiar with. But the moment we walked in the door of Tree of Life we felt at home. Tina, her family, and the residents couldn’t have been more caring to us and our mom. I got the feeling that they knew exactly what we were going through and wanted to help us out in every way they could.

The staff and residents of Tree of Life care about each other and look out for each others’ needs. The activities are outstanding, from field trips to special birthday dinners – it really couldn’t get any better.  If you are someone who is in need of care for a family member, rest assured that Tree of Life is a well rounded caring facility.  If you would like to contact me just ask Tina for my phone number or e-mail and I would love to share more of our experiences with Tree of Life.

~The Tesches

It was a shock and difficult time for our family when my mother  ended up in the hospital for two weeks and then the nursing home for another two weeks, and then being told she could not go home again due to her mobility and cognitive difficulties. We had to find a place that would care for her. Tree of Life was a godsend – it is not an institution, and it feels like she is at home where we are always welcome guests. The staff treats her with care, love, and respect as you would want a family member to be cared for.  She has nothing but praise for the staff and is so appreciative of their attentions.  All of the staff members are approachable and friendly.


Tina and the staff get to know the family and always try to make things easier for all involved by scheduling doctor appointments, transportation, pharmacy deliveries, etc.


We ask Tina to sit in on doctor appointments. With her medical background and being with mom 24/7, she provides invaluable insight to the doctors and nurses, even more than family members can.


Mom always looks good – dressed and groomed, hair done, and polish on her nails.


Meals are served family style in the dining room and the menus are posted. A variety of activities are provided, and photos of mom and the other residents participating, as well as samples of their projects, are proudly displayed throughout the house.


Seasonal decorations adorn the house, just like you would do in your own home. Coffee is always on in the kitchen. It truly feels like a home – and mom does feel like she IS home.


Thank you Tree of Life.

~Susan S.